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Technical data

Glass beads **:

Soda-lime spherical glass beads
Hardness : 48 à 50 HRC
Beads size : Ø 50 to 400 µm (Ø 70 to 110 µm are the most common ones)

Peening equipment **:

Main and selective filtration system with automatic separation to eliminate the broken beads.
Glass beads dryer system.
Injector with pre-accelerator beads device.

** Also part of our sale’s range of products.

Main applications

Watch industry: Semi- matte structural surface, wrist-bands, cases, winders, etc.
Instruments: satin-matte finish. Good surface preparation prior plating deposits
Construction of moulds and tools: Easier demoulding and longer life
Aerospace industry: higher fatigue limit for sustained stress


Peening is a mechanical treatment using glass beads shot blasting that can confer a geometry (shot peening) without abrasion-wear of the material.

Technical sheet

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