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Nickelflon Ni-PTFE

Ni – PTFE - « the self-lubricating treatment »

Technical data

Electroless nickel treatment with occlusion of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene).
Provides a regular and homogeneous coating on the geometry of the parts.
Ni-PTFE treatment includes 20 to 30% of PTFE (by volume)
Applicable continuous temperature is 260°C and 316°C for pic applications
Size of PTFE particles : between 0.1 and 0.5 µm
Good corrosion and wear resistance (phosphorous 7.5% - 9%)
Excellent properties: anti-seize, anti-adherence and work as anti-scaling
Hardness: about 250 Vickers (400 Vickers after heat treatment)
Low friction coefficient :
  Steel-on-stell Ni-PTFE-on-stell
  0.3 - 0.9  (static) 0.15  (static)
  0.3 - 0.8  (dynamic) 0.10  (dynamic)

Main applications

Pneumatic jacks and cylinders
Pumps body and components
Components for textile machines
Carburettors jets
Recommended for applications where liquid lubricants are not acceptable
Functional components of watch movements (non-aesthetic deposit)
Spray gun
Injection and press moulds
Substitution lubricant in cryogenic applications
Elements sliding in lubricant liquids

Specific examples

Reduces risks of seizure and tearing, reduces degree of leaking and allow for very low temperature applications.

Metallic moulds:
Uniform protection of moulds, even for complexe ones. Facilitate moulds release, no need to use conventional splitting agents.

Cylinders & rotors:
Efficient protection of aluminium cylinders bore against a wear effect coming from a to and fro motion; increases life expectancy of components and allow for increasing cycles.

Bolts & nuts
Prevents tearing of bolt’s thread during delicate assembly.


Technical sheet


This product is RoHS compliant


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